Sold Out Flip-Flops Feature President Trump’s Contradictory Tweets Side by Side

President Trump has been known to flip-flop on many issues on Twitter. Now, one company is putting those contradictory President Trump tweets on actual flip flops you can wear around town.

 President Flip Flops, the shop has a handful of footwear options, which feature contradictory Trump tweets on the Electoral College, Syria, and the “Dishonest Media.” Shoes are “made in China, heat pressed in the US. The same as our President’s ties, right?”

More editions?

You’ve seen how this guy tweets, right? There will definitely be future opportunities for more editions. You can suggest new editions on Twitter using #PresidentFlipFlops.

Each pair runs $27.99, and the company says 10% of all sales are being donated to the ACLU. Shipping takes 2-3 weeks, because “Greatness takes time.”